SLASHER MONTH: Click: The Calendar Girl Killer (1990)

Man, Ross Hagen got into directing and made some movies that just sleaze it up. The GloveB.O.R.N. and this one hit just right for me and Hagen directed this with John Stewart, who directed Action U.S.A. and wrote it with David Chute and David Reskin, who also wrote SkinheadsDark Future and Hidden Obsession, another John Stewart directed movie that pairs up Jan-Michael Vincent and Heather Thomas. Hoke Howell also wrote the script, which was based on a story by Carol Lynn and Stewart.

These are the kinds of things that get me way excited about a movie.

Like how it took six people to write a movie about women getting naked and getting sexual with guns.

Hagen is also Jack, a photographer of nude women. Calendar girls. He also likes them to be, as Perry once sang, to be involved in scenes where their sex is violent. The girls are Cindy (Keely Sims), Juliette Cummins, Susan Jennifer Sullivan and Dona Speir, who is above all others thanks to her appearances in so many Andy Sidaris movies.

It’s not the most exciting movie — it does have a transgender killer so there is that — but it looks nice because Gary Graver was making sure the cameras got the best looking images of, well, sex and murder. He knew what sold.

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