MARK GREGORY WEEK: Thunder (1983)

Native American warrior Thunder has returned home, only to discover that the white man is destroying his ancestral burial ground. He tries to stop them, but the law only protects whites. He’s beaten and banished and left for dead. But now, he’s going to get his revenge.

Yes, it’s a takeoff of Rambo Italian style, but it also stars Mark Gregory! Yes, he looks sad for the entire movie. Yes, his long longs are intact. Yes, his lip quivers. And yes, he walks like he has several sticks up his ass.

Directed by Fabrizio De Angelis, who also produced ZombiThe House by the CemeteryThe Beyond1990: The Bronx Warriors, The New York Ripper and more, this movie was shot in Monument Valley, Utah, so it really has an authentic background if not weaponry. Yes, Thunder uses a bazooka as if one would use a rifle. Oh, Thunder. We still love you.

Sheela, Thunder’s lady, is played by Valeria Cavalli from Fulci’s Warriors of the Year 1972 and Lamberto Bava’s A Blade in the Dark. Bo Svenson plays the evil sheriff. You may recognize him from taking over as Buford Pusser in Walking Tall part 2, as well as Inglorious Bastards (and the remake), The Delta ForceSpeed 2: Cruise Control and Kill Bill: Volume 2Plus, you get Antonio Sabàto, Sr.!

Of course, Dardano Sacchetti wrote this, as he wrote nearly every important Italian genre film of the 1980’s. Seriously, all the way back to A Bay of Blood to ShockManhattan BabyBlastfighterDevilfish and so many more. Alright, some of those are a bit more essential than the others.

If you want to watch Mark Gregory repeatedly get punched in the face and then getting his slow-motion revenge, awkwardly slapping at people and shooting massive weapons, then this is the movie for you. I’m pleased to report that there are two sequels. I am also pleased to report that we will end up covering them, too.

You can watch Thunder for free on Amazon Prime. Man, those guys really have the junk 1980’s video scene covered, huh?

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