Stepfather 2 (1989)

The last time we saw Henry Morrison/Jerry Blake, he was all shot up and stabbed in the heart, mumbling “I love you” and falling down the steps. Who knew that he’d survive that and come back to do it all over again?

Jerry Blake is a survivor. Since the end of the last movie, he’s been recovering in a Puget Sound mental institution, one that he soon escapes. Before you can say “new identity” he’s become Gene Clifford and has moved into the planned community of Palm Meadows outside Los Angeles.

He’s already found a new potential family with Carol Grayland (Meg Foster, Masters of the UniverseThey Live) and her son, Todd (Becca fave Jonathan Brandis). As the therapist to all of the local wives, he learns that her husband Phil ran away last year and when he tries to come back to his family, our stepfather hero kills him and covers it up.

The mail carrier, Matty Crimmins (Caroline Williams, Stretch from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2!) sees through his identity when she finds mail addresses to the real Gene Clifford that reveals him to be a black man. You know what happens to people who figure out the stepfather’s identity? Yep. They get removed and their wine gets taken.

Those bottles of wine and the song “Camptown Races” end up fingering Gene, with Carol confronting him just before they’re due to be married. Despite being stabbed, the stepfather almost succeeds in killing again until Todd stabs him with a clawhammer. Then comes the best part in this entire film: mother and son walk out to “Here Comes the Bride,” while a choir reacts in abject terror to the fact that they’re covered in blood.

Oh man — our kinda sorta hero isn’t dead yet. He makes his way to the altar before saying, “Until death do us part.” Oh man. Well done, dude.

After a test screening of the film, Harvey and Bob Weinstein complained about the lack of blood and demanded re-shoots. Director Jeff Burr (The Texas Chainsaw Massacre IIIPuppet Master 4, Puppet Master 5: The Final Chapter, Pumpkinhead II: Blood Wings) and O’Quinn refused, so the shots were added in by another director.

Stepfather 2 isn’t quite as good as the original. But hey — if you’re looking for one more movie where a dad wipes out his family…

Synapse Films has released this film on DVD if you’re ready to see it with your dad.

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