GRANDSON OF MADE FOR TV MOVIE WEEK: Deep Family Secrets (1997)

Deep Family Secrets isn’t just a strange movie. It’s a strange movie based on the true story of Gaylynn Morris, who eventually pleaded guilty to the murder of his wife Ruby. In this film, the names were changed to Clay and Renee Chadway. This may have originally aired on CBS, but it feels like a Lifetime film. And we all know that Lifetime movies are giallo minus the neon red blood and nudity.

Originally airing on April 15, 1997, this made for TV movie is packed with talent. The leads are Richard Crenna (the Rambo series of films) and Angie Dickinson (Dressed to Kill). Along for the ride are dependable actors like Meg Foster (Stepfather 2They Live), Craig Wasson (Schizoid) and Tony Musante (The Bird with the Crystal Plumage).

Everything seems normal in the Chadway family until daughter JoAnne uncovers decades of lies, adultery, paternal fraud, criminal activities and so much more. She’s also a country singer who sounds a lot like Elliot Smith and no one comments that her insanely sad songs completely blow the mood.

Come for the true crime. Stay for Angie Dickinson having visions of white wolves. Seek it out on, well, YouTube.

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