Mill Creek Excellent Eighties Round Up!

So ends our Mill Creek Month blowout with three box sets of 112 movies. In addition to The Excellent Eighties 50-Film Pack, we reviewed their Gorehouse Greats 12-Film Pack and B-Movie Blast 50-Film Pack.

You know the drill, to gear up for Halloween, every November we crack open a Mill Creek box of fifty movies. We started with the Chilling Classics set in 2018 and also did the Pure Terror set in 2019. For 2020, we jammed on the Sci-Fi Invasion set. And Mill Creek’s 12-Packs always come in handy for our theme weeks, such as our recent “Fast and Furious Week,” when we a lot of films, quickly, and the Savage Cinema set did the job. And, back in March, we were so giddy with glee that we finally got our own copy of 9 Deaths of the Ninja courtesy of the Explosive Cinema 12-pack, we paid it forward to Mill Creek and reviewed all of the films in the pack.

And that’s the joy of Mill Creek sets: when there’s that one elusive, lost flick, Mill Creek has it stuffed away, somewhere, one on of their sets. When it comes to entertainment, whether it’s B-Movies, Z-Movies or TV Movies, Mill Creek has you covered.

Many thanks to Rob Brown, Herbert P. Caine, Dustin Fallon, Robert Freese, Sean Mitus, Bill Van Ryn, Jennifer Upton, and Melody Vera for chipping in with their reviews for our month-long Mill Creek project!

Here’s the list of the reviews!

Act of Love (1980)
Agency (1980)
Bail Out (1989)
Blunt, The Fourth Man (1987)
Callie and Son (1981)
Casablanca Express (1989)
Cavegirl (1985)
Choices (1981)
Christabel (1988)
Cold War Killers (1986)
The Day Time Ended (1980)
Dear Mr. Wonderful (1982)
Deathrow Gameshow (1987)
Delta Force Commando (1987)
Dog Day (1984)
Hard Knox (1984)
Hazard of Hearts (1987)
High Risk (1981)
Hunk (1987)
Intimate Agony (1983)
The Kidnapping of the President (1980)
The Lady and the Highwayman (1989)
Lamb (1985)
Laser Mission (1989)
Liar’s Moon (1982)
Mesmerized (My Letter to George) (1984)
A Minor Miracle (1983)
My Chauffeur (1986)
My Mom’s A Werewolf (1989)
Night of the Sharks (1988)
The Patriot (1986)
Portrait of a Showgirl (1982)
Reborn (1982)
Saigon: Year of the Cat (1983)
Savage Journey (1983)
Scandal Sheet (1985)
Scarecrows (1988)
Second Sight: A Love Story (1984)
Shadows in the Storm (1988)
Shaker Run (1985)
Slipstream (1989)
Somewhere, Tomorrow (1983)
A Time to Die (1982)
Toby McTeague (1986)
Tomboy (1985)
The Train Killer (1983)
Tuareg, the Desert Warrior (1984)
Twisted Obsession (1989)
We Think the World of You (1988)
When the Bough Breaks (1986)

Get your copy at Amazon and visit Mill Creek!

About the Author: You can learn more about the writings of R.D Francis on Facebook. He also writes for B&S About Movies.

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