Mill Creek Sci-Fi Invasion Recap!

Every November we tackle a Mill Creek box of fifty movies. We started with the Chilling Classics set in 2018 and also did the Pure Terror one last year. You can grab the Sci-Fi Invasion set for $11 on Amazon, which is a great price for a ton of strange films.

As a matter of fact, whenever a “theme week” gobsmacks us and we need a gaggle of films to review — such as our recent “Fast and Furious Week” — a Mill Creek 12-pack never lets us down, as is the case with the Savage Cinema set. And, back in March, we were so giddy with glee that we finally got our own copy of 9 Deaths of the Ninja courtesy of the Explosive Cinema 12-pack, we paid it forward to Mill Creek and reviewed all of the films in the pack.

Here’s the list of 50 films we reviewed on the set. Many thanks to Eric Wrazen, Sean Mitus, Dustin Fallon of Horror and Sons, Robert Freese of Videoscope Magazine, JH Rood, Paul Andolina of Wrestling with Film, Jennifer Upton of (she also writes for Horror and Sons), Bill Van Ryn of Drive-In Asylum, Phil Bailey, Cat Waller, Herbert P. Caine, and Andy Turner helping out with the reviews.

You can also see the list on Letterboxd.

Sam and I are exhausted. We go sleep now.

You can learn more about Mill Creek’s box sets and other releases at

About the Author: You can learn more about the writings of R.D Francis on Facebook. He also writes for B&S About Movies.

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