Mill Creek Savage Cinema (and “Fast and Furious Week”) Recap!

Yeah, you know the drill . . . it’s all about those Mill Creek box sets and this Savage Cinema 12 Movie Collection pack served as the perfect fodder in supplying us with a nifty batch of obscure and off-beat, rubber-burning drive-in epics for our “Fast and Furious” tribute week to Universal Studios’ Fast and Furious franchise created Gary Scott Thompson.

So, with Universal’s March announcement that the ninth Fast & Furious movie in the “Fast Saga,” officially titled F9, would be pushed back from its May 22, 2020, North American premiere to April 2, 2021, which pushes Fast & Furious X beyond its planned April 2021 premiere, you can get fast and furious with these films. Well, just a little. Maybe.

Burnin’ rubber, hot asphalt, and smokin’ babes!

Here’s the links to the reviews on the Savage Cinema set:

And here’s the links to the individual reviews of B&S About Movies own “Fast and Furious Movie Pack.” Hey, we can dream! Hi, Mill Creek!

Then there’s more movies with our “Drive-In Friday: Fast & Furious ’50s Style” featurette:

  • Hot Rod Girl
  • Hot Rod Rumble
  • Teenage Thunder
  • Drag Strip Riot
  • Hot Car Girl
  • Hot Rod Gang

And our “Exploring: The Clones of the Fast & Furious” featurette:

  • Biker Boyz
  • Speed Demon
  • Torque
  • Redline
  • Finish Line
  • Street Racer
  • Death Racers
  • 200 MPH
  • Drive
  • Getaway
  • Need for Speed
  • Overdrive
  • Fast & the Fierce
  • Fast & Fierce: Death Race

Don’t forget: We also reviewed all of the films on Mill Creek’s Pure Terror, Chilling Classics, and Explosive Cinema sets as well. And coming in November, will be burning through their Sci-Fi Invasion 50 Film Pack.

You can visit the world’s leader in value entertainment at

Of course . . . we did a second tribute week.

About the Author: You can learn more about the writings of R.D Francis on Facebook. He also writes for B&S About Movies.

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