Thanks to everyone who took the time to write or read the PURE TERROR MONTH.

Like all Mill Creek box sets, this one is packed with all manner of crazy films, from 1930’s black and white pre-Code detective movies to foreign insanity.

First off, thanks to all of the amazing writers who brought an entirely different point of view to the site this month. R. D Francis went nuts on all of these films, covering so many before some people even selected their first movie. Bill Van Ryn was amazing, bringing his great info and opinions to many films, saving my ass when a few people missed their deadlines. Dustin Fallon kicked ass on his site Horror and Sons in October and then did so much to help publicize our month of PURE TERROR. I also want to thank Craig Edwards, Jennifer Upton, Robert Freese, John S. Berry, Robert Constant, Paul Andolina, Roger Braden and Melody Vena for their great writing.


Here are the films we covered. If you missed any, go back and check them out. We’ve also created a list of all of these movies on Letterboxd.

If you want to be part of this next time, keep checking the site. We’ll be picking another Mill Creek set to tackle soon. If you’d ever like to write anything else, just ask!


Want your own PURE TERROR set? You can get it on Amazon. Plus, Mill Creek Entertainment has plenty of other great movies on their site and streaming service, Movie Spree!

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