PURE TERROR MONTH: The Dungeon of Harrow (1962)

Imagine this: You’re evil and sadistic count who just happens to live in a waterfront castle with your equally disturbed family. A shipwreck happens and the survivor of the ship soon makes his way to your home. What would you do?

This was pretty much the passion project of Texas news anchor turned comic book creator Pay Boyette, who would also write and direct the movies No Man’s LandThe Girls from Thunder Strip and The Weird Ones. It feels like an AIP movie made in Texas, which is meant in the most kind of associations.

Besides directing, co-writing (with make-up artist/actor Henry Garcia), and composing the score, Boyette also narrates the movie.

Vinegar Syndrome has released a better version of this than the one that’s on the Pure Terror set, but that isn’t a knock on this Mill Creek find. After all, how do you get this many movies from this many countries that all take horror in so many directions for such a low price? I’d advise buying this set to experience the variety for yourself, then pick and choose the boutique release versions of your favorites.

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