PURE TERROR MONTH: The Werewolf of Washington (1973)

Milton Moses Ginberg started his directorial career with Coming Apart, a near-documentary which starred Rip Torn as a mentally disturbed psychologist who has been filming his sexual affairs. Sally Kirkland was also in the film, which was shot within a one-room, 15’x17′ set.

This movie is absolutely nothing like that movie.

Jack Whitter (Dean Stockwell) is the press secretary for the White House. While he’s in Hungary, a Communist werewolf bites him, which is no help at all when he moves back to our nation’s capital and starts making time with the President’s daughter.

Of course, now he’s also killing members of the President’s Cabinet with all of the murders forming the shape of a pentagram. I guess it’s up to the Second Daughter to take him out with a silver bullet, eh?

You have to admire a movie that posits Clifton James, Sheriff J.W. Pepper from the 1970’s James Bond films, as our nation’s attorney general.

Beyond this being on the Pure Terror box set, you can also watch it for free on the Internet Archive.

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