PURE TERROR MONTH: Crucible of Horror (1971)

Walter Eastwood (Michael Gough, Alfred from the Batman movies) has been physically and mentally abusing is wife (Yvonne Mitchell from 1984) and daughter, as well as raising a son to be exactly like him. So they do what any of us would. They kill him. The problem is that he won’t stay dead.

Mitchell and Gough were well-known stage performers with Gough appearing in so many British horror films. The couple’s children, Rupert and Jane, were played by Michael Gough’s real-life son Simon and Simon’s fiancee Sharon Gurney. That may seem weird, seeing as how they were married before the movie was released.

Otherwise known as The Velvet House, this take on Les Diaboliques was made for a minimal budget. It shows, but the acting is great.

Beyond the Pure Terror box sex, you can also get this on blu ray from Shout! Factory. It’s also available on Amazon Prime.

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