PURE TERROR MONTH: Terror-Creatures from the Grave (1965)

Massimo Pupillo is mainly known for three horror films: Terror-Creatures from the Grave, Bloody Pit of Horror and La vendetta di Lady Morgan. Afterward, he claimed to be done with horror forever before making Django Kills Softly and the mondo Love: The Great Unknown. He claimed to be disgusted by his films and went into television. He may or may not be dead, as some claim that happened in 1999. There’s no evidence, though. There was some confusion when the producer of this movie, Ralph Zucker, died. Pupillo had given up the directing credit for this film and let Zucker take credit. His Americanized credits list him as Max Hunter on other movies.

Luciano Pigozzi plays one of the servants. I am duty-bound to report that he would go on to play Pag in Yor Hunter from the Future.

The main reason to watch this is Barbara Steele. The producers were aware of this, as she’s on every poster. This is yet another role where she’s an unfaithful wife, but I think if you were married to her, you’d probably let her do anything she wished.

In this one, an attorney arrives at a castle to settle the estate of its recently deceased owner, whose spirit is still roaming the cobwebbed halls of the castle and summoning the spirits of plague sufferers. And then, as usually happens, people start to die.

Beyond watching this on the Pure Terror set, you can also discover the best possible release on Severin’s Nightmare Castle set, which also features this movie and Castle of Blood.

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