Mill Creek Explosive Cinema Recap!

Anytime we roll out a review of a Mill Creek box set, we think, “Eh, no one cares.” We couldn’t be more wrong! Our readers love learning about the box sets — and we gain new readers as we see an increase in our site traffic, along with a lot of social media likes and reposts on Twitter and Facebook. So thanks to all of our readers for spreading the word.

Ah, you “heart” B&S About Movies!

Of course, our past March 2020 exploration (Sunday, March 8, to Saturday, March 14) of the Explosive Cinema pack was no exception.

We’ve been clamoring for a copy of 9 Deaths of the Ninja for our personal collection — since forever. And there it was! Once again: Mill Creek with the VHS-to-Digital assist. Sold! And for that, we say: Oh, god bless ye, ye overlords of the public domain netherworlds of analog delights of thee obscure and thee crappy. For we analog peasants lost in the digital barrens need these movies to assure our survival in the never ending quest to relive our Drive-In, UHF-TV, and VHS entertainment youth.

Also be sure to check our past reviews for Mill Creek’s Pure Terror and Chilling Classics sets . . . and, keeping with our yearly, November tradition of blowing out a Mill Creek box set, we’ll be checking out the 50 films included on their Sci-Fi Invasion set. Would you like to write a review (or reviews) for the films on the set? You can get all of the deets, here.

Oy! We almost forgot: As part of our “Fast and Furious” tribute week, we’re reviewing Mill Creek’s rubber-burnin’ and asphalt-tearin’ Savage Cinema set all this week — from Sunday, August 2, to Saturday, August 8.

Happy watching! And be careful . . . it’s explosive! Tony Tulleners will kick your ass into next week.

Thank you, Eide’s Entertainment of Pittsburgh! You blew our mind!

Kill Point
Low Blow
Van Nuys Blvd.
The Patriot
9 Deaths of the Ninja
Top Cop
The Silencer (aka Body Count) (aka, Sam, this has a Seinfeld connection!)
Iron Angel
The Hostage
The Skydivers
Terror in the Jungle

You can learn more about Mill Creek’s box sets and other releases at

About the Author: You can learn more about the writings of R.D Francis on Facebook. He also writes for B&S About Movies.

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