Whew — we made it through CHILLING CLASSICS MONTH! I thought nobody would care at all, but we actually gained readers and site traffic. Thank you to everyone that contributed, read, liked and shared our articles.

I’m debating doing the PURE TERROR box next. Hopefully, we can get all of these writers and more to come back!

Here’s a recap of all of the articles by author:

B&S About Movies

Jennifer Upton from

Bill Van Ryn from Groovy Doom and Drive-In Asylum

John S. Berry

Paul Andolina from Wrestling with Film

Roger Braden from Valley Nightmares

Blake Lynch

Doc from Camera Viscera

Dustin Fallon from Horror & Sons

Melody Vera

JH Rood from Ghoul Inc. Productions

Emily Fear



2 thoughts on “MILL CREEK CHILLING CLASSICS MONTH — epilogue

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