CHILLING CLASSICS MONTH: Sisters of Death (1976)

This movie starts in the most awesome way. During an all-girl secret society college initiation, The Sisters kneel as they hide behind shrouds and place a loaded pistol to each pledge’s head. The first girl, that goes well, as all we hear is a click and she survives. The next one, well, it doesn’t go so well. This time, we hear a loud gunshot and see the results, with blood everywhere.

Years later, there’s a reunion of the Sisters, set up by envelopes all containing $500. The first to get one is Judy (the gorgeous, yet doomed exploitation queen Claudia Jennings, Unholy Rollers) and all of the Sisters suspect one another of sending these invites, which threaten to spill the secret murder they’ve all kept to themselves.

Soon, the five surviving Sisters are gathered at a lavish estate that just so happens to be owned by the father of the Sister who died. That’s when this movie becomes a kind of, sort of slasher, ending with a 70’s twist downer ending. It’s pretty PG, with the deaths occurring off camera and Jennings staying clothed, so if you’re looking to be shocked and titillated, I can suggest several other films for you.

This was shot in 1972 and sat unreleased for a few years. It feels like a made for TV remake of Ten Little Indians, but it isn’t. It has a few familiar faces in it, like Joe E. Tata, who played Peach Pit owner Nat Bussichio on Beverly Hills, 90210 and former Mouseketeer Sherry Alberoni (NIghtmare Circus).

Sisters of Death doesn’t get much better than its first ten minutes. That’s the beauty of the Chilling Classics set. There are so many films here, you can always find something else.

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