CHILLING CLASSICS MONTH: Body in the Web (1960)

Also known as Ein Toter Hing im Netz or A Corpse Hung in the Web, this West German horror film is all about Gary, a nightclub manager who invites several pretty ladies to strip dance in Singapore. They crash land on the way, make it to an island and find a giant spider web. Soon, Gary is bitten by the spider and becomes a mutant.

First released here as an adults’ only nudie cutie called It’s Hot in Paradise, it was re-released without nudity as Horrors of Spider Island. Your enjoyment of this film depends on how much you like watching women wrestle one another and pull hair.

Maybe just look at the awesome German poster and choose not to watch it. The things I do for you people, staying awake and avoiding the small death of sleep in order to watch dubbed non-sexy sex movies.

If you have to see this, it’s on Amazon Prime.

2 thoughts on “CHILLING CLASSICS MONTH: Body in the Web (1960)

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  2. I think you’re wrong on this one. The photography is nice, the music is jazzy, the girls are fine, and the pace is light, fast, and never tawdry – even when Andre from Awful Truth (who tells Cary Grant he’s “out of his continental mind”) crosses and uncrosses his legs at his desk like a little frustrated boy. And then, it’s over…, after a torch-lit chase of a werespider into the quicksand! Sublime….


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