Lifechanger (2018)

Life and love are complicated enough. Just imagine, for a moment, that you have to switch bodies every 24 hours before the body you’re in starts to die. Could you go on consuming body after body?  How would you find anyone to spend your life with?

Written, produced and directed by Justin McConnell, Lifechanger has an intriguing premise.

Drew, the main character of this film, has an identity crisis. That’s because if he doesn’t stay in the same shape for more than a few days, he’ll die. So he steals and copies people, taking their look, along with their memories. Once this happens, he can only be them for a few days before, again, he moves on.

We’re never given any idea how old Drew is, but his internal monologue sounds weathered. It’s the voice of Bill Oberst Jr., who has been in a ton of independent horror films. For example, he’s the lead in Abraham Lincoln vs. Zombies. 

The only thing he really cares about is Julia, a woman he’s fallen in love with. But how can he make a life with her when the majority of his existence is all about stealing lives?

I really enjoyed this movie because while it has elements of horror and plenty of practical gore, it’s also a very human story with some very inhuman elements. It has more ideas and heart than three mainstream films and is well worth seeking out one it comes out.

Lifechanger releases on January 1, 2019 on all VOD platforms. Visit the official site for more information.

Disclaimer: I was sent this movie by the film’s PR company. That has no bearing on the review.

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