Before he totally devoted himself solely to the stage, Yul Brynner made one final film. This was it. It’s also known as Anger In His Eyes and feels completely out of place on the Chilling Classics box set.

Shenanigans at a horse track lead to an American mafia plater being killed in Naples. They bring Peter Marciani (Brynner) out of retirement to get revenge, which he’s all too happy to do once he finds out that the killers were behind his brother’s murder. Of course, there are plenty of doublecrosses along the way.

Need a better reason to watch this? Barbara Bouchet (The Red Queen Kills Seven TimesAmuck!Don’t Torture a Duckling) plays love interest and exotic dancer Anny. And Martin Balsam — for the ladies!!!

I’ll do you one better — it’s directed by Antonio Margheriti, who directed Yor, Hunter from the Future. There are some interesting touches like how Marciani literally sees red when he thinks of his brother.

Interestingly enough — maybe more so than this movie, a Eurocrime mob revenge film — Bouchet was horrified at Brynner’s treatment of the crew, so she sent him a bouquet of carnations, a flower he was extremely phobic about being exposed to. Did he get that phobia from acting in the TV movie Flowers from a Stranger, where that was the entire plot of the film? I can’t find anything else about it, but that seems like such a weird thing to be upset about. I do know that Bouchet told this story in person when Death Rage played the Beverly Cinema during Quentin Tarantino’s first all-grindhouse-classic month in 2007.

Want a copy for yourself? Cult Action is the place to go.

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