BASTARD PUPS OF JAWS: The Shark Hunter (1979)

Enzo G. Castellari gets plenty of love around these parts. After all, he brought us 1990: The Bronx WarriorsEscape from the Bronx and Warriors of the Wasteland, amongst others. Of course, we already covered his Jaws Xerox that is The Last Shark this week, but that’s not the only shark movie he made. And get this — he’s bringing Franco Nero along for the ride. And you know how we feel about Franco (Top Line), for he makes all things crappy, wonderful.

Mike Di Donato (Nero) is a man with a past, living a hermit’s life on a sea island while his woman works at the market. We meet him after he beats up an entire bar full of people with no problem just to rescue one loud troublemaker, who becomes his partner.

The past never stays buried — an unidentified organization wants Mike’s help in taking back the one hundred million dollars that have sunk beneath the ocean. Mike’s the only guy who can do it — but he planned on grabbing it himself. There are also tons of sharks (and a comical paragliding sequence) to contend with.

There’s also quite a bit of wacky music from the De Angelis brothers, who also recorded as Oliver Onions. They did the music for a metric ton (well, maybe 1000 kilograms, as Italy follows the metric system) of Italian films, such as TorsoDeath RageA Blade in the Dark and, of course, Yor, Hunter from the Future. Becca would like everyone reading this to know that they basically take one song and loop it for the entire movie. So if you like this song, you’re in for a treat.

You can grab this on DVD at Revok.

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