One more Nightmare on Elm Street post…

You may think that I’ve said everything there is to say about A Nightmare on Elm Street after this week’s blitz of posts, but you’d be wrong. I can talk — way too much — about movies. And this is just another bit of evidence to my motormouth.

How the Nightmare Began unfilmed script

Just last year, this script appeared for sale on eBay. But it’s not just any script. It’s John Saxon’s origin story script for Freddy Krueger. Yes, that’s right — Saxon (real name Carmine Orrico) had the idea for a backstory before he came back to play Donald Thompson one more time in Dream Warriors. This may be the only script that’s out there by the star (although he did direct Death House in 1988, which has Ron O’Neal from Superfly in it), but just the idea that it exists makes me feel better about this thing we call life.

Set in 1969, Saxon’s story sets up Nancy Thompson’s sister Betsy (she’s mentioned in a deleted scene from the first film and this ties into the fact that each Elm Street kid was missing a sibling in the 2010 remake), who has run away from home to join a hippie commune. Donald brings her home and asks a therapist — named Frederick Krueger — to help deprogram her. Meanwhile, he’s also trying to find a serial killer who stabs someone with a weapon that leaves multiple wounds simultaneously.

Soon, Betsy is dead and Krueger is fingered — knife claw fingered? — as the killer and the Elm Street parents rise up and burn him alive. But get this — he was innocent (again, shades of that horrible remake) and he has no problem telling the parents that — and the commune that their children are running to the Spahn Ranch! Even worse, the killings are being masterminded by Charles Manson and carried out by his followers. Once Krueger is killed, he comes back in his traditional Freddy burned up form, sweater and all, and is haunting young Nancy.

Basically, I want this movie to be made right now.

Halloween on Ice 1989

Thanks to the fine folks at Scarecrow Video, I discover this only today. You think ice skating is weird enough and then this happens! Seriously, the fact that this exists fries my brain. Just watch it.

The Freddy 900 number

How could I forget this? You could call Freddy and he would insult you. Yep. Kids actually called this.

Freddy vs. Jason weigh in

When Freddy vs. Jason finally happened, there was an actual weigh-in, as if it happened to be a boxing match. In Las Vegas. With Michael Buffer involved. And they both had entrance robes.

Freddy on the news – 2014

A Redditor posted this — how this man ended up on the news, in that hat, in that sweater, blows my mind.

That’s it! I promise I’m done with Freddy! I swear! Hey wait — I just thought of something else!



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