Diamonds to Dust (2014)

Jayne Mansfield possessed an IQ of 163, played violin and piano at a concert level, had a degree in science, spoke 5 languages fluently and yet was known as a dumb blond. Her career was as short as her life was turbulent, with three ex-husbands, five children, addictions to booze and pills, and a car crash in 1967 that ended her life. This film looks at the final years of her career.

Hailey Heisick, who was in Don’t Look, plays Jayne. That’s a tall order, to be perfectly frank. But this is pretty much the Lifetime version of Jayne’s life, minus the Lifetime budget, so it’s going to be all sleaze and drama. Which, come to think of it, that’s what so much of her life was.

It’s sensationalized. It’s exploitation. And then again, that’s also the type of press that Jayne played with to keep her name in the headlines, even after the roles got smaller.

You can watch this on Amazon Prime.

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