The Racing Scene (1969)

James Garner was a huge star in 1969, coming off the TV series Maverick and roles in films like The Great EscapeSupport Your Local Sheriff! and Marlowe, a movie in which he fought Bruce Lee. He also made the movie Grand Prix for John Frankenheimer, which was the sixth movie of his that didn’t do well at the box office. It hurt his career but gave him a passion for racing which he turned into starting his own crew and entering multiple races. This movie documents that time.

I’m so happy to have watched this, because it finally allows me to have seen every single movie that was directed by Andy Sidaris. You can tell Andy directed this because of how much attention is paid to Miss Continental Racing Queen Majken Kruse.

This movie was written by Willam Edgar, who would one day write Stacey, the movie that would begin Sidaris’ world of gorgeous women and men who can’t shoot a gun to save their lives.

You can watch this on Amazon Prime.

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