Based on a true story of Szilveszter Matuska, who said  “I wrecked trains because I like to see people die. I like to hear them scream.”  Yes, the man literally orgasmed when he wrecked trains, including his most brutal crime, when he killed twenty-two people and injured a hundred and twenty when he derailed the Vienna Express with dynamite, sending the engine and nine of the eleven coaches to plunge down a hill.

Matuska reportedly escaped from jail in 1945. He may have served as an explosives expert during the latter stages of World War II. No one is sure, as he was never recaptured. Some believe that he served on the Communist side in the Korean War.

Michael Sarrazin plays him in this Hungarian/German made for TV movie directed by Sándor Simó. Somehow, Sarrazin has been in two movies I’ve watched this week.

While history claims — as stated above — that Matsuka only really achieved bliss thanks to train destruction, he sure gets a lot of action in this movie. I think what happened after — even if the film only guessed at what happened — would have made for a better movie.

The band Lard recorded a song about Matsuka in which they sang:

Remember this:
No matter how many books you ban
No matter how many records you burn
The seeds of fertile fetishes
Are planted at an early age
And somewhere out there
Someone amongst you
May at this very moment lust
For derailing trains

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