Editor’s Note: Mill Creek also includes Liar’s Moon on their B-Movie Blast box set; and it’s back — with a new, second on the film — as part of its inclusion on the Excellent Eighties set. Why? Because we love Susan Tyrrell!

In East Texas, young lovers Jack (Matt Dillon) and Ginny (Cindy Fisher, who was already menaced by a one-sided love affair in Bad Ronald) realize that the world will never let them be. Jack’s mother (Margaret Blye, The Italian Job) was once in love with Ginny’s father (Christopher Connelly, who speaking of Italian shows up in some of our favorite movies from that country, including Manhattan Baby and 1990: The Bronx Warriors) and knows how these things end. But our loveable scamp head off to Louisiana, where they can get married without permission and Jack starts working in the oil fields, just like his dead father, who was played by Hoyt Axton.

This tale of a working class boy and a banker’s daughter is livened up by some casting that genre fans will appreciate, like Richard Moll — who must be in every 80’s movie as the heavy that Robert Englund turns down — as well as Molly McCarthy (from one of the strangest film noir movies ever, Blast of Silence), Jim Greenlead (Tag: The Assassination GameSurf IIJoysticks), Yvonne De Carlo (Guyana: Cult of the DamnedSilent ScreamThe Munsters), Dawn Dunlap (Barbarian QueenForbidden World), Broderick Crawford (in his last role) and Susan Tyrrell (who I’ll obviously be making a Letterboxd list all about sooner than later).

Director David Fisher only made one other movie, Toy Solders, which has teens — like Tim Robbins and Tracy Scoggins — join up with Father Karras to escape from terrorists. Yeah, you better believe I’m hunting that one down.

Oh yeah. Liar’s Moon also has a soundtrack by Asleep at the Wheel and two endings. Spoiler mode on*: Jack lives in one and dies in the other. I watched the Mill Creek Rare Cult Cinema version, which has him live. I have no idea how the one on Tubi ends, so why don’t you, as Morrissey sang, find out for yourself?

*Perhaps an even bigger spoiler is…

Seriously…this might ruin the film and I’m shocked that I missed this angle…

Jack and Ginny, remember how I said their parents dated? Yeah, the reason their respective mother and father were so against them dating is because they’re brother and sister. My God, another incest movie. It’s as if our site is…yeah, I guess I did watch that whole VC Andrews set. Two of them, actually.

Wait a second. Nope. The poor mom had been screwing with the rich dad for twenty years so that he’d feel pain for how he treated her. Everyone in this movie is ridiculous. They even shoot a color tinted flashback to show how it happened!

Oh Mill Creek. You brought me into this movie just to complete a box set and you reward me with a rich cup of scuzzy eighties wonderment.

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