Originally a four-part miniseries adaption of the memoirs of Christabel Bielenberg, a woman who was married to a German lawyer during World War II, the version of this film on the Mill Creek The Excellent Eighties box set is two hours and twenty-seven minutes long, versus the four hour and twenty-minute original running time.

This is yet another example of a film on this set that has an early role for someone who would later become a major star. Christabel is played by Elizabeth Hurley, who had only appeared in the movie Aria and an episode of Inspector Morse before this.

This was written by Dennis Potter, who wrote Gorky Park and Pennies from Heaven. This movie really stood out to me because it showed just how quickly Hitler went from a joke that everyone ignored to something that they had to deal with someday soon to finally, a force that could jail them and destroy their lives. It felt — non-surprisingly — like the last four years of our lives.

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