THE EXCELLENT EIGHTIES: Somewhere, Tomorrow (1983)

A very young Sarah Jessica Parker — this was made right after Square Pegs went off the air — plays Lori Anderson, a girl who has lost her father in a plane crash. While her mother is moving on — she’s selling the family farm and hooking up with the local lawman — Lori is lost. She turns to her father’s esoteric journals for answers.

Meanwhile, Terry Stockton, a client coming to purchase a horse from Lori’s mother, dies in a plane crash. Somehow, Lori is able to see and touch him. She believes that she can help him cross over to the next plane of existence, if she doesn’t fall in love with him first.

Wrier/director Robert Wiemer also made the supernatural film Anna to the Infinite Power and The Night Train to Kathmandu, another movie where a young girl comes of age. I guess that’s his bread and butter.

This also features a really young Elisabeth Shue and has a ghost who likes to take showers, which I did not realize was a thing. Also, spoilers and all, but speaking of showers, this totally has a Patrick Duffy ending.

So yeah. Some people cover Sundance and I write about Sarah Jessica Parker as a horsegirl who has near shower sex with an apparition. I accept my role.

You can watch this on Tubi.

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