Woah, a Matt Cimber movie I haven’t seen? On a Mill Creek set? I must have done something right in this life.

Based on Mario Puzo’s Six Graves to Munich, this is the story of Michael Rogan (Edward Albert, Galaxy of Terror), who is after the men who tortured him in the closing days of World War II. Oh yeah — they also tortured and murdered his pregnant wife too, just to get the information in his brain.

Within that head of his, bullet fragments are still rattling around, but he’s definitely going to get his revenge on people like Van Osten (Rex Harrison in his last movie role), a West German politician who was once a soldier for the wrong side of the war.

Filmed in late 1979, but not released for a few years, this had a troubled production, which led to some new scenes being directed by Joe Tornatore, who also made Curse of the Crystal EyeDemon Keeper and Grotesque.

This is an action movie in name only. Tread in knowing that.

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