THE EXCELLENT EIGHTIES: Shadows in the Storm (1988)

This is a movie that posits that Ned Beatty could win over Mia Sara and killer her husband for that love. Of course, seeing that she looks exactly like the girl in his dreams could mean that this is all in his head, right?

I’m really obsessed by how a Mill Creek box set comes together, because this was directed by Terrell Tannen, who also made A Minor Miracle, which is on the same The Excellent Eighties set. Did he just sell his rights to them and they decided to toss them in on this? Was it part of an even bigger package deal? These are the things I keep myself up at nights wondering.

Also: Beatty’s character is named Thelonius Pitt, a name that could only exist in a movie.

This strange little noir film also has Michael Madsen in it and Troy Davis, who was Illinois State Police Trooper Charlie Bloch in Halloween 5 and the principal on Twin Peaks.

Now I’m in suspense over what madness awaits in the rest of this box set. Show me your wonders, Mill Creek!

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