THE EXCELLENT EIGHTIES: The Cold War Killers (1986)

Based on a series of novels by Anthony Price, this movie was originally part of a six episode ITV series, Chessgame, that was turned into three TV movies: The Alamut Ambush, The Deadly Recruits, and this movie, The Cold War Killers.

Leave it to Mill Creek to drop you into a TV series turned into an edited for time movie with no warning whatsoever.

Terence Stamp, who was one of the villains of my childhood thanks to his turn as General Zod in the Superman movies, stars as David Audley, a Cold War spy exhausted by the secret game he’s been playing against the Russians for decades.

He’s dealing with a missing British bomber, which is found when a small lake is drained to make room for a new housing development. Soon, the simple discovery becomes so much more, as it brings together smuggling, the black market, the KGB, the SS and several murders, all while Audley tries to find love.

Mike Lane, who plays Carmine Longo in this movie, was in several films that fans of our site can appreciate, like StrykerUlysses Against HerculesGrotesqueA Name for EvilFrankenstein 1970 and Demon Keeper. And Eurospy fans should keep an eye out for Carmen Du Sautoy, who was Saida in The Man with the Golden Gun.

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