I mean, who wants to watch Liam Neeson fight wolves or show off his very special set of skills when we can watch him as a conflicted priest trying to save the life of a small boy with epilepsy?

Based on the novel by Bernard MacLaverty, Neeson plays Brother Sebastian, who is part of a Roman Catholic institution for troubled boys in Ireland. The boys are taught to conform to society and to fear God, things that Sebastian finds in conflict with his faith.

When his father dies, Sebastian takes his inheritance and leaves with one of the boys, a ten-year-old named Owen (Hugh O’Conor, Rawhead Rex). But he soon discovers that he’s ill-prepared to take care of the boy and he sees both epilepsy and the home as death sentences.

The end of this movie is certifiably insane. There’s also a Van Morrison score. I would have never watched this if it wasn’t for Mill Creek and I’m not certain that’s a good thing.

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