THE EXCELLENT EIGHTIES: Intimate Agony (1983)

Somehow, the Excellent Eighties set has taken a break from showing us the best, the worst and the somewhere in between of Crown International Pictures to take us back to the days of made for TV movies, a place that this site knows all too well.

Originally airing March 21, 1983 and also known as the sexier title Doctor In Paradise, this is all about a young doctor named Dr. Kyle Richards(Anthony Geary) who is managing a doctor’s office in the Hamptons.

That sexy title is not so appropriate because this is a movie all about the heartbreak of herpes, which was the worst thing that could happen in 1983. Dr. Kyle decides to go public with the news that this town is getting more than just cold sores.

Most of the fun of this movie comes from spotting the stars amongst the cast, like Who’s the Boss star Judith Light, NCIS protagonist Mark Harmon, Robert Vaughn and Shawn Schepps, who went on to write Encino ManSon In Law and Drumline. Did you know they made a TV movie sequel to Encino Man called Encino Woman? Yep. They sure did.

You know who taught me about herpes? Paul Bartel. I think I did OK.

You can watch this on YouTube.

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