The Student Teachers (1973)

Man, these student teachers. They're changing the old ways of high school and making it better -- well, maybe more interesting -- for the hip now generation. The sequel to Roger Corman's The Student Nurses, this movie is all about the issues, man. Directed and co-written by Jonathan Kaplan, who would go on to direct The Accused,… Continue reading The Student Teachers (1973)

GRANDSON OF MADE FOR TV MOVIE WEEK: Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark (1973)

Originally airing on Wednesday, October 10, 1973 -- and also known as Nightmare in Europe -- 45 years have done nothing to hide to hide the weirdness and ability to frighten that this TV movie possesses. Sally Farnum (Kim Darby, who started her career in True Grit and has appeared in memorable roles in Better Off Dead and Halloween: The… Continue reading GRANDSON OF MADE FOR TV MOVIE WEEK: Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark (1973)


As we were rewatching this film last week, Becca said, "It always seems so hot in this movie, everyone is sweating all the time." And I replied, "Yeah. We're kind of living in it now." Yep, other than turning people into food and my stairwells being filled with sleeping people, the world of Soylent Green feels like… Continue reading EVEN MORE FUCKED UP FUTURES: Soylent Green (1973)

Encounter with the Unknown (1973)

Harry Thomason and his wife, Linda Bloodworth-Thomason created TV's Designing Women and were a 1990's power couple, playing a major role in getting President Bill Clinton elected. But way before that, he wrote and directed this Rod Serling narrated film. This movie presents its tales as true, set up by not one narrator, but two. Yes, Rod… Continue reading Encounter with the Unknown (1973)

Wicked Wicked (1973)

I'm constantly on the hunt for certain movies. Ever since I saw the trailer for this -- the only film to ever be shot in Duo-Vision -- I've been on the hunt. Finally, in an Exchange store on a Sunday afternoon, my patience was rewarded. The Grandview is one of those gorgeous California hotels… Continue reading Wicked Wicked (1973)

BIKER WEEK: Psychomania (1973)

Is there such a thing as a perfect movie? Maybe. Maybe not. But if you ask me, this combination of the occult and biker culture ranks really close. Tom Latham (Nicky Henson, Witchfinder General) leads The Living Dead, a motorcycle gang that causes trouble and occasionally dabbles in black magic. The worm filled apple didn't fall far… Continue reading BIKER WEEK: Psychomania (1973)

The Exorcist (1973)

What do you write about a movie that pretty much created modern horror? Sure, you can point to Night of the Living Dead and even Carnival of Souls as starting points, but from a mainstream blockbuster perspective, this is where the rules of modern supernatural horror begin. Inspired by William Peter Blatty's 1971 novel, which itself… Continue reading The Exorcist (1973)

Horror High (1973)

When horror movies have socially maladjusted kids getting abused by popular football players while showing how attractive girls can still fall for them, they're playing directly to their demographic. How many fright fans felt the same way or endured the same stings and arrows as the hero of this film? Everybody beats the shit… Continue reading Horror High (1973)