JESS FRANCO MONTH: Kiss Me Killer (1977)

Death Whistles the Blues was 15 years ago, but Jess Franco loves jazz and understands the refrain and sometimes his universe opens to revise films that he has already made to try — sometimes with success — to recreate them now that he has more experience in this world.

Alberto Dalbés is Freddy Carter, which would be Federico de Castro from the original, a role much better acted by Conrado San Martin.

So yeah, Freddy’s dead after a crime gone bad and his two co-criminals — Paul Radeck (Francisco Acosta) and Carlos Moroni (Olivier Mathot) — have run away and assumed those new names. Even more of a punch in the heart is that Radeck also stole away Freddy’s wife Linda (Alice Arno). Now, Moiry Ray (Lina Romay, astounding and rubbing against a stone statue and somehow making it…ah, you get it) is at the Radeck’s club and so is the maybe still alive Freddy.

Really, you don’t have to make a choice between the two films. You can enjoy them both for what they are and the fact that Spanish censorship was gone at this point and we can enjoy Lina lapping at a statue’s granite genitals. Yes, we may have seen it before, but Franco welcomes us and asks us to see it all again through a set of eyes that has seen so much since he first brought this to the screen.

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