BRUNO MATTEI WEEK: Cuginetta, amore mio! (1976)

When you have a career the length of Bruno Mattei’s, the genres you work in constantly shift, bringing in everything from cannibal and zombie films to westerns, women in prison epics, peblum and the very Italian form of the sex comedy, which is what Cuginetta, amore mio! (Little Cousin, My Love!) or Love Sacrifice is all about.

Leonida (Gino Pagnani, Live Like a Cop, Die Like a Man) is employed by his rich uncle Count Aristid at least the old man until dies in the Biblical company of a maid named Ornella (Paola Maiolini, Emanuelle Around the WorldConvoy Busters). Thinking that he’ll inherit the estate, Leonida has already moved his family in, but they all learn that everything will go to Marco, the master’s secret son.

However, Leonida has a plan. He wants his daughter Nicoletta (Ziggy Zanger, Black Emmanuelle, White Emmanuelle) to marry the newly rich Marco with the help of his wife Elvira (Ria De Simone, Mattei’s Women’s Camp 119), who may have designs on the young man for herself.

Mattei wrote this script along with Private House of the SS writer Giacinto Bonacquisti and Luigi Montefiori, who we all know and love much better as George Eastman.

Your mileage on Italian sex comedies may vary, but it’s still astounding to me how many genres Mattei found the time — and backing — to be part of.

You can watch this on YouTube.

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