JOE D’AMATO WEEK: Delizia (1986)

Dario Donati directed this movie and Convent of Sinners, but come on, you should know by now exactly who he is.

This stars Tini Cansino in the lead and she’s just perfect for Joe, as she worked for years in Italy with a name that’s a direct reference — and she never would be all that forthcoming that she wasn’t really related from what I’ve read — to Rita Hayworth, whose real surname was Cansino. I mean, it’s still right there in her IMDB bio, claiming that her father was Rita Hayworth’s brother, he of the “Dancing Cansinos” fame.

Tini was known for a TV show called Drive-In and that was enough to get her the lead in a D’Amato sex comedy. And here we are, across the oceans of time and literal oceans and I’m trying to divine what this movie is all about. What lessons can we learn? Well, how about hard work, as in addition to his work under another name, D’Amato also edited and shot this under his most well-known false name.

The plot is supposedly about Carol neing an Italian centerfold model — well, Cansion was Greek but she posed for Play Men and that very issue is in this movie, which is as meta as someone bringing up 9 and 1/2 Weeks before D’Amato ripped it off — who now lives in New York City that comes home to take over her family’s old house. I mean, at least D’Amato came up with plots in his non-adult adult films.

If you watch this and say, “Well, that was a very safe teen sex comedy but I’d like to see Tini Cansino in a movie that might upset even the sensibilities of the deranged,” well then I can recommend Angel: Black Angel to you. Get ready.

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