Sweet Savior (1971)

The man named Matt Cavanaugh who wrote this doesn't exist. It's really Willie Gilbert, the author and playwright. Once he left Cleveland for New York City, he discovered that his physician Jack Weinstock shared his dream of being a writer. They wrote for nightclub performers, Broadway reviews, on early TV shows like Howdy Doody and Tom Corbett,… Continue reading Sweet Savior (1971)

Angeli Bianchi… Angeli Neri (White Angel …Black Angel) (1969(

Angeli Bianchi... Angeli Neri comes from director Luigi Scattini, who started his career as a journalist before directing movies like Primitive Love with Jayne Mansfield and War Italian Style with Buster Keaton. One of the best things about this mondo film -- a genre that is pretty much reality TV before that was a thing or the… Continue reading Angeli Bianchi… Angeli Neri (White Angel …Black Angel) (1969(

The Baylock Residence (2019)

After the death of her sister, Patricia Woodhouse inherits her family’s estate and soon discovers that something or someone has been haunting the home for decades and harbors a disturbing family secret that she must uncover. This is a remake of the 2014 movie The Haunting Of Baylock Residence. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=77c7eOpyxlU&feature=youtu.be Patricia has been estranged from her… Continue reading The Baylock Residence (2019)