Hellraiser: Judgment (2018)

Unable to direct his screenplay for Hellraiser: Revelations due to a scheduling conflict with Scream 4, Gary J. Tunnicliffe initially removed all references to the series when he wrote this movie. He was tryinf to make an independent film and then wanted to make a true Hellraiser as he knew how bad the past films had been. After all, he had been with the series doing effects since the third movie before moving into writing and now directing them.

Shot at the same time as Children of the Corn: Runaway, this was the second film that didn’t have Doug Bradley as Pinhead. Here, he’s played by Paul T. Taylor. The movie also introduces an entirely new army of Hell, the Stygian Inquisition, led by the Auditor, who is played by Tunnicliffe.

Yes, this is an auteur Hellraiser movie.

So while this is the story of how Pinhead and the Auditor discuss new and better ways of getting souls, it’s also a police story about the hunt for a serial killer called the Preceptor, who is right out of Se7en, killing people in murders based on the Ten Commandments.

Sadly, this was another Dimension Film and they sat on it for years until, well, the whole sexual abuse trial happened and LionsGate got this film and the aforementioned Children of the Corn: Runaway. Those guys were holding on to the rights to these films and wouldn’t let anyone else near them, no matter whether or not owning said rights and making these movies seemed to embarass them.

All I know is that Hellraiser should make the trends, not reference them. If I wanted to watch a police movie or Saw, well — I woulnd’t watch Saw again. You know, you can just make a Hellraiser movie about Hellraiser.

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