Halfway through Slasher Month!

Every October, I get a little crazy about slashers and try to watch as many as I can. It was sixty last year. This year, it’s a hundred. Who can say what happens next? This is my attempt to share all of them in one place. And if you’d like to share one that you watched, go ahead! We’ll post it!

  1. To All A Goodnight
  2. Berserker
  3. The Red Right Hand
  4. Girls Nite Out
  5. Don’t Go In the House!
  6. Random Acts of Violence
  7. The Redeemer
  8. The Last Slumber Party
  9. He Knows You’re Alone
  10. The Forest
  11. Snuff Kill
  12. I, Madman
  13. Jack-O
  14. To Your Last Death
  15. Beyond the Darkness
  16. Dead Girl
  17. Mongrel
  18. Hellmaster
  19. Another Son of Sam
  20. Terror On Tape
  21. Last House on Dead End Street
  22. 976-EVIL II
  23. The Video Dead
  24. Hospital Massacre
  25. Possession
  26. Hatchet
  27. Hatchet II
  28. Hatchet III
  29. Victor Crowley
  30. National Lampoon’s Class Reunion
  31. Blood Lake
  32. Color Me Blood Red
  33. Terror In the Aisles
  34. Bells
  35. Axe
  36. Corpse Mania
  37. Scary Movie
  38. Amsterdamned
  39. The Majorettes
  40. Dreamaniac
  41. Camp Blood 8
  42. Meatcleaver Massacre
  43. Evil Judgment
  44. Puppet Master
  45. Puppet Master 2
  46. Video Violence
  47. Evil Ed
  48. The Ghost Dance
  49. Invasion of the Blood Farmers
  50. Deadly Camp
  51. Girls Just Want to Have Blood
  52. Getaway
  53. Evil Clutch
  54. Tokyo Stay Home Massacre
  55. Silent Madness
  56. Just Before Dawn
  57. Three On a Meathook
  58. House on the Edge of the Park
  59. Too Scared to Scream
  60. Retro Puppet Master

You can always track the entire list of our slasher watching with our Letterboxd list. And we’ve also shared a few articles along the way, like how the first Halloween aired as a commercial for Halloween 2 and Robert Freese’s article on the history of slashers!

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