SLASHER MONTH: Bells (1982)

Also known as Murder by Phone, this Canadian slasher — of sorts — boasts an interesting pedigree, as it features actors like John Houseman and Richard Chamberlain, as well as a score by James Bond series composer John Barry.

The U.S. print of this — Murder by Phone — is 17 minutes shorter than the Canadian and international The Calling cuts. You’ll miss out on so much of a disgruntled phone employee using the phone lines — is he using a Captain Crunch whistle? Any phone phreaks reading this? — to kill people.

This will be part of my telephone-based drive-in horror night that I am curating, so…I guess stay tuned for that. These are the movies you never knew you wanted but here they are, calling and calling until you pick up. Consider this a not-as-good Scanners with Chamberlain looking very Gibb brother who is way too invested in solving this case. Gotta love the end freeze frame as he just has to answer that phone.

You can watch this on YouTube.

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