SLASHER MONTH: Meatcleaver Massacre (1977)

You have to admire the balls of the makers of this movie. Actually, you can probably see them from space. They bought footage of Sir Christopher Lee from another movie and treated it as the beginning and ending footage in this movie, then said that the film stars the venerable thespian. Learning that a lawsuit would be long and expensive, he just had to fume. I wonder if he was as angry as when he walked out of A Bay of Blood?

Lee’s speech has nothing at all to do with the rest of the movie. Let’s all admire his plaid slacks, however.


Anyways, the real meat of the movie involves the death of a dog named Poopers, four college students killing one of their professors and lots and lots of paintings, then Morak, an evil force, comes out of the possibly dead professor.

You’ll be forgiven if this movie seems like it makes no sense because it doesn’t. And that’s probably why I liked it, because I watched it five drinks into a bender and it was perfect for that moment when alcohol goes from tasted wonderful to tasting like way too much.

This was probably made in 1975, but who cares? How many movies do you know where dead teachers command cacti from beyond the grave to kill their students? I can think of one and I’m writing about it right now.

Seriously, Christopher Lee spent as much time looking at contracts as all my favorite horror stars. Work is work, but I have no idea how he thought reading a script about a shaman convention inside a wood-paneled room was going to work out all that well.

Evan Lee made one movie. This was it. If he made any more, the world would have exploded.

In case you need to know just how odd and weird and whatever other descriptors you need for it, Ed Wood himself shows up in a cameo. Now that’s a guy that knew how to throw a non sequitur speech directly into a movie. Pull the strings!

You can watch this on YouTube.

2 thoughts on “SLASHER MONTH: Meatcleaver Massacre (1977)

  1. Apparently, Christopher Lee was told it was for some kind of documentary. He actually finds out the truth in an interview with Fangoria. The ask him about this film, he says he was never in such a film, they tell him his scene and he realizes he’s been had! He scoffed at the title right away so he was not happy to find that he is in fact the star of said film.


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