SLASHER MONTH: Possession: Until Death Do You Part (1987)

Canada, I love you. Seriously, you have made so many crazy slashers that you’ve won my heart. And just when I think I’ve seen them all, I find this 1987 rarity that features a killer named Frankie who kidnaps women, forces them to dress up like his mother and then stores their used up dead bodies in a closet. But now that he’s found — and lost — Madeline (Melissa Martin, Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan) thanks to dear old mom, he decides to commit matricide and take off into the night looking for the one that got away.

This ones comes to us from Lloyd Simandi — whose resume is packed with wonderful junk like Empire of Ash films, Chained Heat IIMedieval Fleshpots 2: Hot Wenches and Forbidden Rage: White Slave Secrets — and Michael Mazo, who also directed Empire of Ash III. In case you’re wondering who did Empire of Ash II, the secret is that these guys were so scumtastic that they just released the first film all over again as the second one.

For all the scenes of women soaping up in the shower — seriously, this movie must have employed a 35,000 gallon hot water heater to ensure all those showers remained piping hot — there is also a scene of women going to the male strip club. And everyone chasing the killer. And the killer chasing them back. And, perhaps most amazingly, the killer stabbing a woman and then using the same knife to slice up some pizza.

This is the kind of movie that Twitter kids would today label as problematic and that my wife walks past and shakes her head, wondering why I always end up watching movies where everyone is either stupid, naked or stupid and naked.

You can watch this on YouTube.

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