Tokyo Home Stay Massacre (2020)

Kenta Osaka and Hirohito Takimoto have teamed up to direct this tale of three Americans who escape to Japan to have fun, but end up trapped in the home of a crazy family who wish to sacrifice them to their gods.

You have to give it to the sales team for the tagline: “You’re not in Texas anymore. Welcome to Japan.”

Once when I was staying in Japan, our friend’s mother spent all this time cutting up fruit for us and it was a tremendous gesture, as it wasn’t inexpensive to put this together for us. As she came upstairs to bring this gift to us, she noticed that one of our group still had on shows and even worse, was standing on her son’s bed. She let out a shriek of pure terror and ran crying from the room at the foulness of the gaijin who had infiltrated her humble home.

Therefore, this family going nuts can be explained by how baka baka Americans can be.

Of course, my friend Macky’s mom didn’t want to murder us all in the ancient Japanese tradition of Hitobashira (The Human Pilar), which was when ancient Japanese people cemented living people into walls to keep their homes safe from the disasters the gods would send their way.

If you’re in the mood for a strange comedy with lots of gore, as well as a fight between hammers and swords, well…I can’t stop you from wanting to see this. It’s available on DVD and on demand from CultureSHOCK JAPAN and Leomark Studios, who were kind enough to send us a copy to review.

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