SLASHER MONTH: Dreamaniac (1986)

A former Wizard Video release, this is a David DeCoteau movie through and through, which you can tell by the fact that a buck naked male ass is one of the first things you see in this movie. It’s all about a heavy metal musician who  gets lucky with women, providing the succubus who gives him his powers get to eat them afterward.

The only performer that you may recognize is Kim McKamy, who would change her stage name to Ashlyn Gere and star in films like Chameleons and The Masseuse. She’s also in DeCocteau’s Creepozoids, Dominick Brascia’s Evil Laugh, Kirk Alex’s Lunch Meat and Tom DeSimone’s Angel III: The Final Chapter.

Speaking of adult video, this was DeCoteau’s first mainstream directing job after making movies like Boys Just Wanna Have Sex and New Waves Hustlers.

There are two movies within this movie, Hemoglobin House on Sorority Row and The Sorority That Dripped Blood. Obviously, you know where those titles came from.

You can watch this on Tubi.

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