SLASHER MONTH: Hatchet 3 (2013)

B. J. McDonnell took over as the director of the Victor Crowley saga this time around, pitting him against Marybeth Dunston one more time in the swamps of Honey Island Swamp. After a shotgun blast to the face, a chainsaw sawing him in half and another shotgun to the brainstem, it seems like Crowley is finished. But hey — we wouldn’t have a movie if he didn’t get back up.

Marybeth is now Sheriff Fowler’s (Zach Galligan) main suspect in the case of the thirty bodies found in the swamp, but his ex-wife Amanda Fowler (Caroline Williams!) knows the truth: Crowly continually repeats the night of his death and anyone that gets in his way is just blood and guts in his way.

After figuring out that Marybeth isn’t part of the murders, she is released to try and stop the killer one more time, along with a SWAT unit that features Tyler Hawes (Derek Mears, who played Jason in the Friday the 13th remake, meaning that this movie has Jason versus Jason*) and the one armed Dougherty (Rileah Vanderbilt, who was the person that Crowley’s face was molded onto and also played the young version of him in the first two movies).

Oh yeah — Sid Haig shows up too!

If this had been the close to the series, it would have been perfect. However, Victor Crowley is next and that’s pretty good, too! I fell in love with these films, watching the fourth one first when Joe Bob showed it and I’m so happy that I went back and watched them all.

*Hodder was also in other movies with other Jasons. In Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan, he appeared with Ken Kirzinger. John Carl Buechler was also in the first two Hatchet movies.

One thought on “SLASHER MONTH: Hatchet 3 (2013)

  1. Perhaps redeeming the franchise for the previous sequel, and matching the former glory of part 1! Oh, and sooooooooooo wonderfully, deliciously, splatteringly gory!!!! Kane Hodder returns as Crowley in this AMAZING gore fest that bests the franchise in the dismemberment department.


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