SLASHER MONTH: Shan Gou (1999)

Nearly two decades after the slasher boom, Hong Kong decided to get in on the action with Bowie Lau’s The Deadly Camp. Unlike the spate of new wave slashers and their need to decry the past, this one simply shows that everyone involved is a fan of 1981-ish slashers. I can relate.

Look, any movie that starts with a young couple getting killed in the woods with a chainsaw is going to make me happy. I’m a very simple man with very simple tastes. Give me a maniac with his face all wrapped up with bandages, ship in some annoying kids and let God sort them out.

If you hoped that The Final Terror had a sequel, but moved the action to somewhere in the Far East, I have great news for you. This is also a film where a character actually says, “It’s true, we met a lunatic when we pissed yesterday!”, a line that makes me piss my pants, too. Who says we can’t communicate with the rest of the world and all reach a mutual understanding?

This has a rich body count of fifteen people, which is pretty high for a slasher. Supposedly, it’s a remake of the 1980 Hong Kong film San Gou (The Beasts). There is some modern tech here, but it does absolutely nothing against a family of killers who have no issue with killing every single person they come close to.

It doesn’t break any new ground, but if you’re missing the days when a new slasher came out nearly every weekend, it’s there and waiting to be watched.

You can watch this on YouTube.

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