SLASHER MONTH: He Knows You’re Alone (1980)

Look, not every slasher has Tom Hanks in it. Actually, this would be the only one. So if you’re ready to see America’s favorite actor in a movie that is directly inspired by Halloween, then this would be your one and only chance to get it done.

This was Armand Mastroianni’s first movie, way before he’d start making TV movies. It’s all about young brides getting killed before they even make it to the altar, so at least it isn’t a holiday-centric slasher. That means that the film is free to explore all of the parts of the wedding, from the home of the bride to a dressmaker’s shop and, of course, the wedding chapel itself.

Our heroine is Amy Jensen (Caitlin O’Heaney, Savage Weekend), a bride-to-be who is in the crosshairs of whomever the killer ends up being. This movie takes the typical loose woman must die formula of the slasher to a ridiculous degree, as the main character is unsure of her fiancee while her best friend is having an affair and they all pay, along with nearly everyone else they come in contact with putting together this wedding.

Sure, the killer is Ray Carlton, a man left at the altar, but this movie decides to do the “it’s not over” ending as well, so when I say “whomever the killer ends up being,” I’m playing it coy.

While Mastroianni originally wanted to make a movie based on the urban legend “The Hook,” he sold the movie as containing a self-referential film-within-a-film. That would form the start of the movie, where a couple watching a horror movie are soon killed by the movie’s villain. If you’re saying. “Isn’t that exactly how Scream 2 begins?” Good news. You’re learning just how original those movies — which proclaimed to be the most original slashers in years — really were.

Hanks’ character was supposed to die, but everyone liked him so much, they kept him alive. See, even in his film debut, he was already everyone’s favorite.

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