SLASHER MONTH: Scary Movie (1991)

No, not that movie. This movie.

Yes, 1991’s never-released until last year’s Scary Movie is straight outta Austin, Texas.

It’s all about a nerd named Warren (John Hawkes, Kenny Powers’ brother from Eastbound and Down) who winds up in a haunted house attraction, but is convinced that things are not what they seem. Just like this movie, which you’d think would be an end of the video rental idea movie and it ends up being a slapstick voyage into Bava lighting and slasher menace.

Hawks is awesome in this, somehow becoming a mix of Buster Keaton and John Lithgow in The Twilight Zone: The Movie as simply the act of going into a fake haunted barn is way more than his mind can endure. And once he reveals that the maze-like structure — all constructed from soundstages — contains a killer, he busts from his seams.

This is a low-budget affair, but any horror movie that uses The Butthole Surfers and ends with legendary Austin psychedelic performer Roky Erickson’s “I Walked With a Zombie” over the credits is one that you know I’m going to adore. And man, the killer’s mask is absolutely awesome looking.

You can order the AGFA blu ray of this from Diabolik DVD or watch it on Tubi.

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