Mill Creek Nightmare Worlds month recap

Every November, B&S About Movies tackles a Mill Creek 50 pack.

In 2018, we did Chilling Classics, then in 2019 we did the Pure Terror set.

2020 had the Sci-Fi Invasion set, as well as Savage Cinema and Explosive Cinema

In 2021, a team of writers finished the Drive-In Classics, Excellent Eighties, B-Movie Blast 50-Film Pack and Gorehouse Greats sets.

In 2022, we finished Nightmare Worlds!

As a recap, here are the movies that make up this set. Click on any link to see the post or check out the list on Letterboxd.

  1. Contamination
  2. Alien Species
  3. Atomic Rulers of the World
  4. The Alpha Incident
  5. Attack from Space
  6. Beast of the Yellow Night
  7. Warriors of the Wasteland
  8. Werewolf Woman
  9. Cataclysm
  10. Counterblast
  11. All the Kind Strangers
  12. The Day the Sky Exploded
  13. Death Warmed Up
  14. Doomsday Machine
  15. Embryo
  16. End of the World
  17. Eternal Evil
  18. Evil Brain from Outer Space
  19. Shadow of Chinatown
  20. The Disappearance of Flight 412
  21. Idaho Transfer
  22. Good Against Evil
  23. House of the Dead
  24. Fury of the Wolfman
  25. House of the Living Dead
  26. The Lost City
  27. The Lost World
  28. This Is Not a Test
  29. Menace from Outer Space
  30. Maciste In Hell 
  31. Queen of Atlantis
  32. Night Fright
  33. How Awful About Allan
  34. Panic
  35. Piranha (1972)
  36. The Phantom Creeps
  37. Purple Death from Outer Space
  38. Prisoners of the Lost Universe
  39. Men with Steel Faces
  40. The Return of Dr. Mabuse
  41. Emergency Landing
  42. Ring of Terror
  43. Frozen Alive
  44. Star Odyssey
  45. Terror at Red Wolf Inn
  46. Hands of Steel
  47. Manster
  48. Invasion from Inner Earth
  49. Unknown World
  50. UFO Target Earth

Thanks to everyone who helped out, like Jennifer Upton, Sean Collier, Bill Van Ryn and Paul Andolina.

Want to be part of it next year? We’ll be asking.

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