MILL CREEK NIGHTMARE WORLDS: Invasion from Inner Earth (1974)

Also known as Hell Fire and They — the title Mill Creek used for the box set — this Bill Rebane film was written by his wife Barbara and reminds me of another of his movies, The Alpha Incident, as while it’s supposedly about an alien invasion, most of it takes place in one room.

An epidemic is striking the biggest cities in the world, a fact that Nick and his sister Sarah have no clue about. They’re too busy hosting some scientists on a hunt. Along with Eric, Andy and Stan — the scientists — they live off the land and communicate with an alien voice who is trying to find them while trying to stop them from making it to the destroyed cities.

I kind of adore that Rebane made movies like this, trapped in their Wisconsin settings, and ones that have total hippy space endings because, well, why not? I’m sure that there had to be people who were confronted by this movie and were pretty upset that it has nothing to do with the poster whatsoever.

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