EDITOR’S NOTE: This originally was on the site on December 20, 2019. It has been updated since that first post.

This is Alfonso Brescia trying to make a Star Wars movie following his movies War of the PlanetsBattle of the Stars and War of the Robots. He also made Naked Girl Killed in the Park and Iron Warrior, so maybe we can cut him a little break. Oh yeah — he also made Beast In Space.

Reusing so many of the costumes and props from War of the Robots — and spraypainting cardboard swords to look like lightsabres.

This is the fourth and final film in Alfonso Brescia’s sci-fi series — War of the Planets AKA Year Zero War in Space, Battle of the Stars AKA Battle in Interstellar Space and War of the Robots AKA ReactorStar Odyssey has plenty of alternate titles, like Seven Gold Men in Space, Space Odyssey, Metallica and Captive Planet.

In the year 2312, Earth is sold to Kress, an evil ruler who wants to turn humans into slaves. Professor Maury and his band of, dare we call them rebels, set out to win the planet back from Kress and his cyborgs.

Those good guys include a space hero called Hollywood, a swindler named Dirk Laramie who wears a Spider-Man t-shirt who is played by Gianni Garko, Norman the gymnast who does cartwheels all day long and robots named Tilk and Tilly who blew themselves up at one point and constantly have to put themselves back together.

There’s also a wrestling match in the middle of this movie for seemingly no reason. Also — while it claims that the actors are listed in alphabetical order, they are not. Star Odyssey lies. It just lies to you.

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